New Technology is a Cost Saver for Customers

Strategic Media Partners has invested in Sony’s new MPEG-IMX digital video platform for its new camera and edit suite format. The IMX platform is an amazing technology developed by Sony to bridge the gap between legacy formats like Betacam SP and the future of digital broadcast. With IMX, customers can progress to the digital platform without having to abandon their Betacam SP footage. With IMX in the edit suite, clients can access footage from any of Sony’s Betacam formats such as Digital Betacam & Betacam SX. This is a more attractive alternative than having to re-master footage on competing digital platforms as older formats fade.

Along with the new platform, Strategic Media invested in Media 100’s full-blown 844X editing suite. Clients save time and money in the post suite by working with multiple video layers in real time. After several head to head trials with other editing suites, the decision to go with the 844X came down to what system was the best for the client. The 844X was the answer to improving program quality and saving money for customers. Since the install, customers go home with extra money in their pockets, and our editors actually get to go home!

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