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CD Projects The Client/Project: Principal National Accounts

The Challenge: Create an engaging cd to educate customers on prescription drug issues.

The Solution: Present the information to the customer via CD-ROM utilizing an attention-getting Flash opening, a video interview and supporting data presented as animated charts.

The Benefits: The CD format can be reused to address other topics of interest to Principal National Accounts.
DVD Projects
The Client/Project: DMACC West Campus/Synerge Center

The Challenge: Create a "high tech" mailer/giveaway for prospective college students.

The Solution: SMP teamed up with DMACC West and another vendor to package a Flash presentation, and a TV commercial developed by SMP on to a business card CD-ROM.

The Benefits: SMP also developed a lanyard to compliment the package.




The Client/Project: McAninch Corporation

The Challenge: Develop an easy-to-use reference CD that can run on any PC.

The Solution: An autolaunching menu provides easy access to PDF versions of safety documents.

The Benefits: Documents can be viewed individually online or the user can print the whole manual with the click of a button.




The Client/Project: National Pork Board's education department.

The Challenge: Distribute dozens of documents and video clips to participants of an education seminar in an easy-to-use, cost effective manner.

The Solution: HTML can be used in creative ways such as the series of CD-ROMs that SMP developed for NPB. SMP developed a HTML interface to the documents and packaged them on a set of CD-ROMs, complete with professional packaging.

The Benefits: If the user has a browser and Adobe Acrobat they can access the documents without installing any software. The CDs were distributed at educational conferences and to educators. Some include lengthy video pieces that lend themselves more to a CD-ROM than the web.








The Client/Project: SEGHERS Genetics

The Challenge: Develop a CD-ROM interactive presentation and allow portions of the presentation to be updated easily by the end-user.

The Solution: The presentation was designed to be linked to local Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations.

The Benefits: SEGHERS can economically keep up-to-date data in their sales presentation without technical assistance.






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